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Start eating Leftovers, Scraps, and Stale Food

I love cooking. The greatest joy is the endless creativity it implies. It is all about trying new things, mixing stuff, creating new tastes, making a mess, and finally feasting on the result. Nowadays, we find so much cooking advice from all over the world. Many of them tell you what to do, what not to do, what works well together, what mistakes to avoid, what tools you need, and what kind of ingredients in what kind of ratio is required to make the dish taste just like the original. But who defines good? Who decides whether a certain dish tastes better with a touch of salt or not? I think the taste is in the mouth of the beholder. Hence, I value creativity and non-recipe conformity as the highest goods in cooking.

Based on that free-spirit attitude, I love looking into my fridge and evaluating what is about to go bad. Further, I try to come up with something that includes all of that food item, so nothing goes to waste. I let all my creative juices flow and most of the time I come up with something that I deem delicious. But even more rewarding than the taste these meals leave is the act of cooking otherwise discarded food. This sort of repurposing and deep frugality creates a perception of deep internal satisfaction.

In the following blog posts in this subsection of the Sustainilicious website, I want to share my cooking adventures with you. The goal is to incorporate “soon-to-be-bad” items, leftovers, and otherwise discarded food into delicious and satisfying meals that are good for you, your wallet, and the environment. I can promise you that you will have a lot of fun being creative and thinking about ways to make the most out of your pantry.

Feel free to reach out with any ideas, concerns, or suggestions. And PLEASE send me some pictures of your results. I would love to see the wonderful dishes you made. Stay Sustainilicious!

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(Photo by Paul Rechberger: Dinner plate with repurposed expired butternut squash, mushrooms, sweet potato, and banana (bread))

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